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Order Code: AB020003 Quantity: 72
2 X 120mm diameter rubber suction cups Lifting action will not damage contact surface Lever operated vacuums..
Order Code: AB030028 Quantity: 90
Order Code: AB10001SP Quantity: 100
Order Code: ACC-608 Quantity: 100
1/4" X 1/4" Male Thread..
Order Code: AE300061 Quantity: 23
Order Code: AE300072 Quantity: 95
Air inlet Pressure   4-9kg/cm² Pressure Ratio 45:1 Fluid Output Press 180-405kg/cm² Hose Length 10ft Deliver Rate 30c.c/sec..
Order Code: AE300177 Quantity: 100
- Vacuum brake bleeder. - 6 litre capacity. - Uses standard workshop air supply. - Remove fluid via nipples to allow bleeding or entire fluid replacement. - Material PE..
Order Code: AE300178 Quantity: 98
Adopt   durable polyethylene material. Uses both manual or air for   operation. Venturi system design to   provide excellent performance. Oil depletion:manual or air. Dimension:265x315x650m/m. Capacity:9.5 litre. Maintenance free. Suction tubes included (4pcs). (1) 7 mm steel oil suction   tube. (2) 6 mm oil suction tube. (3) 6mm steel oil suction tube (4) 10 mm gear oil tube...
Order Code: AE300187 Quantity: 100
Air inlet : 1/4" Avg. Air Cons : 2 CFM  Temperature rang : -19.4°C - 60°C (30°F-140°F ) Max.Capacity : 600 C.C Provide with the safety valve helps the pre setting pressure ( 43psi ( 3kg/cm2 ) ) relief automatically. Provide with pressure gauge makes read and control the air pressure in the tank easier ...
Order Code: AE310001 Quantity: 99
1pc Hydraulic Ram   (SCM415, 37mm X L160 X 16t) 1pc Combination Cross Head (Carbon Steel) 3pcs Combination Leg (SCM415 Drop Forged   Hardened 42°-45° 6pc Steel Plate 1pc Extension Rod (1" X 1 1/4"   Carbon Steel) 1pc Extension Rod (1" X 2"   Carbon Steel) 6pcs Screw Nut & Washer..
Order Code: AE310002 Quantity: 98
Order Code: AE310004 Quantity: 94
1pc Hydraulic Ram (SCM415 937.7mmxL 160x 16t) 1set bearing separator & bolts (SCM415 Drop forged hardened 42°-45°, capacity 6″) (Bolt 5/8x11ncxl 216mm 16mm SCM415) 2pcs main rod (hex bar21mmxL7x5/8″11nc carbon steel) 2pcs extension rod (hex bar 21mmxL7″x5/8″ 11nc) carbon steel 1pc beam, carbon steel 1pc adaptor,  carbon steel 1set/metal box/ctn/0.8/24/25kg..
Order Code: AE310005 Quantity: 99
1pc beam, carbon steel 1 pc central bolt 918.65mmxL11.5″x10t 1pc nut, carbon steel 1set separator & bolts SCM415 drop forged hardened 42°-45°, capacity 75-105mm) 2pcs main rod (8″x1.7 5p carbon steel) 2pcs extension rod (8×1.7 5p, carbon steel) Packing: 4sets/metal box/ctn/1/30/31kg..
Order Code: AE310006 Quantity: 104
TWO SETS BEARING SEPARATOR ASSEMBLY  1 set bearing separator & bolts 4 pcs main rod (hex bar 17mm x 7/8" x L127mm x 16t) 1 pc beam, carbon steel 1pc center bolt (9/16" x L 175 x 10t/inch carbon steel) AE310024 ,Capacity: 1-1/4'' - 2-1/4'' (30mm x 50mm) AE310025 ,Capacity: 2-1/4'' - 3-1/4'' (50mm x 75mm)    ..
Order Code: AE310008 Quantity: 87
• Size : Small of internal puller 15mm~30mm Large of internal puller 30mm~80mm External puller 15mm~80mm • Locking the nut to open 3-jaws and clip the bearing. And then use the slide hammer to pull out the bearing.  ..
Order Code: AE310029 Quantity: 98
Size : 3"Range: 40-76mm..
Order Code: AE310030 Quantity: 1106
Order Code: AE310031 Quantity: 112
6" 2-JAWS CR-V GEAR PULLER  60mm-152mm  ..
Order Code: AE310032 Quantity: 98
Order Code: AE310033 Quantity: 99
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